Are you an Amazon Prime subscriber? I am, and love it. The best part about it (in my opinion) is getting free 2-day shipping on anything that is sold by Amazon (not one of their partners). Or if you're really feeling itchy, pay only $3.99 to get it the next day.

I created this site because of Amazon Prime. I found that everytime I shopped at Amazon I would do the same thing over and over, that being search, refine, then select only those things that Amazon sold (meaning only the items that were eligible for Amazon Prime).

I also created this site because I've found that Amazon's site is getting a little (or quite) cluttered. Just take a look at this page for the book The Golden Spruce, which coincidentally I purchased on Amazon for my wife and added 1-day shipping for $3.99 (rather than hopping in the car and driving to Uvill to buy it at Barnes & Noble...I figured the gas and time I saved was definitely worth $3.99). Anyway, back to the page, I find that I'm more annoyed by the page the more stuff they put on it. Customer Discussions? No thanks. Listmania? No thanks. Tags? No thanks. Sponsored Links? No thanks. Books on Related Topics? No thanks. You get the picture. I know that if I'm really searching for something and need any of that stuff, I can find it 1 click away on

Anyway, that's the story. Let me know if you have any questions or feedback at (avoprime at avogen dot com).